Saturday afternoon DIY project

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Sooooo, I'm not really a crafty person but I was really looking forward to this project (inspired by Pinterest) knowing that 90% of the projects I found and made on Pinterest was not successfull.


This is what I used: 


Laundry basket

Crochet Doily (approx 60cm in diameter)

A plastic bag 

Cling wrap

approx 500ml fabric stiffener (could be less depending on the size of your doily)

(gloves if you prefer)


I've used the bottom of my laundry basket for this size doily but if I had something with a bigger diameter I would have gone for that instead. 

DIY Doily Bowl_1DIY Doily Bowl_1 DIY Doily Bowl_2DIY Doily Bowl_2 DIY Doily Bowl_3DIY Doily Bowl_3

Wrap the cling wrap around the bottom of the basket so that your bowl doesn't get stuck on there when it's dry DIY Doily Bowl_4DIY Doily Bowl_4

Pour the fabric stiffener in the plastic bag (you can add some water if you like to make it thinner).  There should be enough fabric stiffener to soak the whole doily DIY Doily Bowl_5DIY Doily Bowl_5 DIY Doily Bowl_6DIY Doily Bowl_6 DIY Doily Bowl_7DIY Doily Bowl_7

Just keep playing with the doily in the bag to cover it in fabric stiffener as much as possible (you can wear gloves in case the bag tear)  

Gently remove the doily from the bag and place over the bottom of the basket (or whatever you are using to make your bowl), use your hands to iron out all creases and bends / if you prefer a few kinks or twists, now is the time to shape your basket the way you want it to look once it's dry.

DIY Doily Bowl_8DIY Doily Bowl_8 DIY Doily Bowl_9DIY Doily Bowl_9

Let dry for approximate 12 hours depending on the weather etc, it could be less, gently remove your doily from the basket and WHOALA!   DIY Doily Bowl_10DIY Doily Bowl_10 DIY Doily Bowl_11DIY Doily Bowl_11 DIY Doily Bowl_12DIY Doily Bowl_12 DIY Doily Bowl_13DIY Doily Bowl_13


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